Lawyers in Bath (E7J 1G5)

Contact a lawyer or law firm in Bath for support in your legal matters. Lawyers in Bath are trained in the intricacies of both federal and provincial Canadian law, and are able to assist you in representing your interests, whether this includes legal conflicts that lead to and take place in court, or third-party mediation in a private setting.

What are the leading legal fields in Bath?

  • Civil litigation: Litigation has swelled; tougher economic conditions have seen individuals and organizations being more likely to make use of the legal system to recover financial losses. Accordingly, the number of civil lawsuits filed in state and federal courts is rising across Canada, and Bath is no exception.
  • Bankruptcy law: Bankruptcy law is one of the fastest growing practice areas in the legal industry today. A large number of individuals are no longer able to pay their debt obligations, and therefore file bankruptcy.
  • Environmental law (Green law): Environmental issues are gaining ground in Bath in terms of the awareness regarding their importance on both the public and private sector agenda. These issues include the use of clean technology, renewable energy and managing carbon assets.
  • Labor and employment law: A stagnant economy coupled with a declining job market has dramatically increased employment lawsuits in Bath. Unemployed individuals who face difficult financial circumstances are more motivated to pursue litigation.
  • Intellectual property law: Intellectual property is a very valuable asset to both organizations and individuals in Bath. Constant development in science, technology and culture has created the need for a specialized field of law to help protect the intellectual capital of businesses, authors, inventors, musicians and other owners of creative works.

How much do lawyers in Bath earn?

  • In Bath the starting salary for a lawyer is roughly $74,000 per annum.
  • According to Statistics Canada, in 2012 the mean average salary for Canadian lawyers stood at $160,000 per annum.
  • This figure rises to $250,000 for partners in medium to large firms.

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